Our BIO (organic) oil mill

In April 2022 we inaugurated our BIO oil mill.

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An architectural structure that uses local stone to minimize the impact on the landscape.

Our oil mill allows us to control the whole process: from the planting of the olive trees to bottling the oil.

For us it is very important to be able to crush the olives every day, as soon as they are harvested, in order to preserve all the freshness of the product, its precious components and to keep the level of acidity to a minimum. Thanks to our oil mill, everything will be easier and safer.

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The inauguration of the FRANTOIO BIO de La Gramigna

The processing of olives is completely revolutionized, thanks to studies conducted by researchers from all over the world. Our oil mill uses the most advanced machines to press the olives at a low temperature and obtain an oil of exceptional quality.

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Renata illustrates the operation of the oil mill, with machinery made by MORI-TEM
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The machines intended for the first stage of processing: separation and washing
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The cold grinding machine

This important investment has also allowed us to collaborate with researchers, nurserymen and other olive growers, in the common effort to promote the search for quality based on in-depth scientific analyzes.

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Regione Toscana - Rural Development Program 2014-2020
European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development: Europe invests in rural areas
EVO 2.0: from the olive nursery to the table
Sub-measure 4.1 "Support for investment by agricultural holdings"
Operation 4.1.3 "Participation in integrated planning by farms"

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