We renew the tradition.

Traditional cultivars are planted in the Gramigna grounds.

To the olive groves of the farm at the beginning, we have gradually added more land. In the new land we have recovered the old olive trees, where they had remained, and we have planted hundreds in the vast uncultivated spaces. In choosing new plants we followed the path of traditional cultivars, those that characterize the best oil in the Florentine hills: leccino, frantoio, morellino, pendolino.

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Ten-year care.

In olive cultivation, patience is a necessary skill.

In the new plants, 2 year old seedlings are planted. We have chosen particularly suitable lands for exposure and slope, leaving most of the pre-existing trees and large spaces, to safeguard biodiversity. It takes at least another 3 years to be able to reap the first fruit.
Over the years we constantly follow the plantations, using the methods of organic cultivation to encourage the growth of olive trees and contrast the various adversities, not least the attacks of wild boars, roe deer and fallow deer that thrive on our hills.

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A practice to be implemented with care and respect.

We do not like drastic pruning, nor those aimed at increasing or facilitating harvesting. For us the primary objective is the health of the olive tree: a healthy plant resists better adversity (frost, drought, ...) and produces olives of the best quality, and therefore a better oil. So we prune our plants with loving care.

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The harvesting of olives.

The most beautiful moment.

Between November and December we make the olive harvest, according to the seasonal trend. In recent years, due to the increase in summer temperatures and drought, the start date has become increasingly precocious. We pick the olives using large nets spread on the ground, and shaking the branches by hand or with small electric shakers. We start very early in the morning, to deliver the olives at the oil mill by late afternoon.

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In the boxes.

A stay of a few hours.

Thanks to the nets spread out on the ground, the olives are gathered and collected in boxes. The boxes are used only to transport the olives to the oil mill, preventing them from being dented: all this to stop the maturation and oxidation processes that could alter the taste of the oil.

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Run to the oil mill.

We press our olives within the day.

The quality of the oil is strongly conditioned by the times that can occur between the olive harvest and their pressing. To maintain the value of our oil we are organized in such a way as to minimize these times. The harvest starts early every morning and stops already in the early afternoon, when the olive boxes are gathered on the vehicles to reach OUR ORGANIC OIL MILL.

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