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La Gramigna is a small farm in Sieci, on the hills to the east of Florence, where Renata began, in 1990, to cultivate the land around her home. The Tuscan landscape, with its balance between nature and culture, has inspired the choice to produce exclusively ORGANIC (BIO) fruit, vegetables, wine and organic extra virgin olive oil.

The farm has grown over the years but its philosophy has not changed: to produce quantities limited to the best quality, with the greatest respect for natural balances.

The Gramigna olive oil has been awarded by bioPress (D) e BIOL (I), among the 10 best organic olive oil in 2017.

In addition to olive oil, the main organic products of Gramigna are dried legumes (beans and chickpeas); tomato sauce, peeled tomatoes and tomato sauce; the Florentine black cabbage pesto; fruit jams (cherries, figs, prunes, apricots, peaches) and other minor products.

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The farm center is a real terrace on the Arno River valley, a few kilometers upstream of Florence.