On sale the new oil derived from olives pressed between October and November 2017.

The particular seasonal trend of 2017, with a long, hot and dry summer, advised to anticipate the olive harvest of at least 20 - 30 days compared to the usual period.
The olives, thanks to the intense heat, have matured quickly, and the dry season has prevented the development of pests. The quantity of olives harvested was lower, but the oil yield was high, due to the very little water contained in the fruit.

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The olives are brought to the oil mill as soon as they are harvested, and pressed within the day.

Analytical data.

The data obtained from the analyzes confirm the quality of our 2017 oil. The analyzes performed by the Analytical FOOD in Florence provide these main data:
- Fatty acids > 0.19% (oleic acid)
- Peroxides > 3.2 meq O2 / kg
- Biophenols > 661 mg / kg
- Tocopherols > 229 mg / kg
- Spettrofot. > K 232 1.91 / K268 0.16 / Delta K 0.005

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Professional Olive Oil Taster.

Our passion for the biological cultivation of the olive tree, has led Renata to achieve the qualification of Technician and expert taster of extra virgin and virgin olive oils, and then adhere to ANAPOO.

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