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La Gramigna is a small farm in Sieci, on the hills to the east of Florence, where Renata began, in 1990, to cultivate the land around her home. The Tuscan landscape, with its balance between nature and culture, has inspired the choice to produce exclusively ORGANIC (BIO) fruit, vegetables, wine and organic extra virgin olive oil.

The farm has grown over the years but its philosophy has not changed: to produce quantities limited to the best quality, with the greatest respect for natural balances.

The Gramigna olive oil has been awarded by bioPress (D) e BIOL (I), among the 10 best organic olive oil in 2017.

In addition to olive oil, the main organic products of Gramigna are dried legumes (beans and chickpeas); tomato sauce, peeled tomatoes and tomato sauce; the Florentine black cabbage pesto; fruit jams (cherries, figs, prunes, apricots, peaches) and other minor products.

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The farm center is a real terrace on the Arno River valley, a few kilometers upstream of Florence.

An Organic story.

Our family moved to the Podere del Pino in 1990; these lands were the first ones we converted to organic crops. Even the land we purchased later, have been converted to organic farming.
Since 2002 all our products are ORGANIC certified by ICEA - Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification (

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You can download the ICEA certification related to the products of La Gramigna.

The organic choice was, above all, dictated by our family needs: we still eat what we produce in our garden, in our fields, in our chicken house. To our family we then added those of friends and then, of course, we opened up to a small market of connoisseurs. Our principle is simply:

"little but good"
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A part of our large vegetable garden, where organic farming leaves the growth of wild herbs free.

A matter of conscience.

Producing respecting human health and the natural environment is one of our commitments. We are small, but aware that everyone must do his part in the search for a world that is more just and hospitable for everyone. This is why we also produce the energy (thermal and electrical) that the farm needs at home, and we are helped by our regular employees.

We are conscious of operating in one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, so we try to preserve the appearance of the places, the ancient artifacts and the traces of the traditional agricultural arrangements.

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Photovoltaic panels positioned near the farm center.


Our organic products are a reason for comparison and collaboration with those who study nutrition and health, and with the best gourmets.

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CIACCO PUTIA GOURMET is a shop with cuisine, but also delicatessen and wine shop located in the Baroque living room of Marsala, Piazza Purgatorio, where Sicily and Tuscany go hand in hand.
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SBILANCIATI deals with nutrition and uses our products. Provides Analysis of Intestinal Microbiome, Analysis of DNA predisposition and Nutritional Training.
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NONE MALE in Bern (CH), offers a few selected and high quality products, and choose our organic olive oil.
We thank Oliver Klose for this recognition..
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C.BIO : the best organic food in Florence.
La Gramigna supplies to C.Bio vegetables and fresh organic fruit, olive oil, preserves and compotes.
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CAFAGGIO DI SOPRA is our farmhouse on the hill. The house and the suite can accommodate up to 11 beds, with exclusive use of the garden, swimming pool, barbecue, etc.
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BORGO DE' GRECI is a large classy apartment in the heart of the historic center of Florence, which offers up to 10 beds in several rooms, a kitchen and a large living room.